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Exclusive African Travel
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About Andrew


Andrew Georgiou

Country: South Africa

DoB: 19 March 1986

Height: 6ft 0ins (1.83 meters)

College: Columbus State University

Course: Erinvale Golf Club

Hawks Ridge Golf Club

Turned Pro: 1st July 2009

Family: Parents -Tony, Erin, Sisters – Jackie, Gillian


Sunshine Tour:

Hooters Tour:

Pga Tour:


10 Responses to “About Andrew”

  • Thomas van Alphen:

    Hey greasy,

    Very impressed, well done on all that you have achieved!


  • Tommy! man long time no chat – thanks for checking up on me! i hope everything is well on your side…your a chef right?

  • Josie:

    Hey Andrew! very cool site!!! and congrats with all your achievements, hope Kenya Open goes well!Would love to jam a interview with you on radio helderberg when you are next home! let me know!

    Thank dude, holding thumbs, Josie!

  • Hey Josie! Good to here from you…unfortunately Kenya Open did not go so well & i missed the cut. Ohwell this does mean i will be heading home sooner though so we can do an interview whenever you would like!
    Just go to the contact me tab and shoot me a soon, Drew!

  • Daniela:

    Andrew Georgiou!!!

    I have known you for a while and I really keep you in my heart! You know God has huge things for you and as long as you keep holding his hand, his plan will be always of great success and happiness for you.
    I love you and I hope the best for you! Congratulations on your great career and keep being such an amazing golfer and man!

    Daniela Castillo!

  • Hey Dani! I know it has been ages since I last saw you, but don’t worry I will never forget about you! Thank you for your kind msg & I know God will always keep you in Good hands:) where are you now, I will be back in USA in 2wks! Love Andrew

  • Adam schaufler:

    Nice site Andrew! keep on keeping on!

  • Jackie:

    I just googled your name and it popped up on the search bar before I was done typing it. You’re amazing!! Can’t wait to see you when I’m in South Africa!!! Keep up being amazing at golf. I brag about you to my friends 🙂

    Love, Jackie Ellis

  • Corey Sayre:

    Hey Andrew. It was a pleasure meeting you in Atlanta today. Thanks for indulging all of my questions about golf and tennis!! Love that you are a Federer fan!!! I forgot to wish you good luck on tour. I have a new South African golfer to root for!!

    All the best, Corey Sayre

    **BTW…Great website!!!

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AG Video- Sunshine Tour Cribs
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