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My Testimony

I always grew up in a Christian home & attend Sunday school on a regular basis.

As you know I always grew up in a Christian home & attended Sunday school on a regular basis, There was an exact moment when I gave my life to the Lord, I was 14 & went to the AOG Church. My sunday school teacher who I cant remember her name invited me to her house and I gave my life to Jesus that afternoon on the couch.
I was young and didnt fully understand the commitment I was making but the holy spirt guided me through my teens. There were many times in my teens where I could have tried drugs & gone done the wrong path but I can happilly say that I have never tried any type of drug in my life. There was & is still the pressure of Sexual immorality & I can also say happily that I am waiting to marrage & wear a purity ring to this day! This was my life off the golf course, here are some God instances from the course;
When I was 17yrs old I played in the SA Amateur qualifier and I played really terrible – I was mad at God & didn’t know why this was happening. The importance of this tournament was to play well and move up the SA Junior OOM to make the Junior World Cup Team. Making this team meant a lot as this was the 4best junior Golfer’s in South Africa. This would open up endless opportunities for me in the golfing world. The problem was that I wanted it so badly, that God was not my first priority. As you will see later I realize that God works in mysterious ways & that he always needs to be no.1 in our lives.

It so turns out that the guys that did in-fact make the tournament ended up playing poorly in tough conditions & I actually moved up the OOM by not playing! I moved from 7th – 4th, Unreal… I then went on to play well in the SA Boys tournament the following week and ended up getting the last spot on the 4man team that Traveled to Japan.

From then on it was like a snowball effect…I played well in Japan & the South African team ended up finishing 2nd overall. My team selection & good play got me a full-ride scholarship to Columbus State University. I had a great college career & was a 4-Time All American & the only player in CSU history to Compete in every single event!
While I was in college, I once agin felt the pressures of college life & being so far away from home. I was always quite independent & traveled alot with all the various golf teams that I had participated in growing up, but the homesick feelings I felt were like none other. I remember looking forward to my DAILY skype session with my parents as a freshman in college(I mean come on!)  I also remember drawing colse to God during these times & little did I know God was just making me stronger, for what was to come in the professional ranks.

I now find myself playing Professional Golf, sponsored by Nike & some other private investors. God has really provided for me at every level of my life & I live with an aweome family in the USA when I am playing there & I have a really great support structure from my famly & my home course in South Africa. I look forward to what he has in-store for my journey & I will glorify him all the way!

I can truly say that without God in my life I wouldn’t have ended up where I am today. Yes I still have my ups & downs however I now know that God has a greater purpose & plan & he provides me with an inner peace no whatever what situation I find myself in.

These are some notes that have helped me grow in my faith;

I find it very important to pray – it’s what brings certainty that God has a purpose and that God is in control of any situation…

There are moments of trouble when you may not understand why you are going through certain situations. These situations may feel like a desert with no comprehension of what purpose God may have in that, but know in your heart that God has a purpose for every situation.

Stay firm & use this spiritual weapon which is prayer, often times in my life, in my days of trouble prayer is what brings me peace. It’s when you can be intimate with God & when you learn to trust in him & not yourself- He has a great plan for our lives – we just need to submit ourselves to him!
Let me know what you think, I beefed it up a little but I can go into detail on many levels!


2 Responses to “My Testimony”

  • Pete Stephenson:

    Hi Andrew,

    Just finished watching you and Rory McIlroy on your practice round today at Royal Lytham. I must admit didnt know much about you so googled you when I got home. VVVVV pleased to see you are a born again christian and as a word of encouragement would like to say that I could tell there was something else to you by your demeanor on the golf course. Now I know it was your love for God. Very good luck for the Open. Pete

  • O'toole's:

    Just beautiful!! and just one of the reasons why we love and admire you so much…..

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