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Sunshine Season comes to a close and I am back on US Soil!

Hi ladies and gents,

It’s with great pleasure that I am sending you this long over due update on whats been going on in my life, lets start with golf: I recently just finished up with the Sunshine Tour 2016 season. The tour made a decision to extend the season and end with the Summer swing as it provides more of a BANG!

My past few results were as follows:

  • SA Open qualifier: (-4) 68 – 4th Place Final Result
  • SA Open Championship (+4) 72,71,78,71 – 68th Place Final Result
  • PGA Championship (-5) 75,69,71,68 – 25th Place Final Result
  • Di-Data Pro Am (-5) 70,70,72,72 – 44th Place Final Result
  • JNB Open Qualifier (-7) 65 – 1st Place Final Result
  • JNB Open Championship (-4) 69,71,72 – 78th Place Final Result

With all that said and done I finished 67th on the Final OOM and will now put my clubs to rest for a couple months while i focus on this exciting new venture below:

Golf Played Final Logo on Black

I mentioned in my title that I was back in USA and I sure am, but it’s not to play golf. I am here to open the private crowdfunding of this very new and exciting APP that I am a Co-founder of, called – Many of you know about this news already but many of you don’t, so I want to take this opportunity to share it with the world! If you like new and exciting opportunities and want to find out more about this venture please contact me privately and I will share the private password for you to enter the website!

Ok that’s all from me for now…have a wonderful day and God Bless



One Response to “Sunshine Season comes to a close and I am back on US Soil!”

  • Hi Andrew, welcome to America!! Your new app idea is amazing and the concept is exactly what is needed. Thanks for showing it to me! I look forward to assisting you in any way I can. Best regards…. Moshe

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AG Video- Sunshine Tour Cribs
AG Video- Sunshine Tour Cribs
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