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Exclusive African Travel
Exclusive African Travel
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Well that was fun…Stage 2 here we come!

One leap down

2 more to go!

Yesterday was an action packed final round…I started the round on the -3 number to advance to the 2nd Stage of Q-School. It was a freezing cold morning at Callaway Gardens & needed to warm things up!

I started with a birdie & that as that….

Take a look at the  full results of stage 1 РLeaderboard

So whats the plan now…

I was planning on flying back to SA for the Cape Town Open, but after some thought I will remain here in the states to prepare for Stage 2. I will then fly back to compete in the South Africa Open November 24-27

For my full Qsch Scheduleclick here

For my remaining Sunshine Tour Scheduleclick here


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AG Video- Sunshine Tour Cribs
AG Video- Sunshine Tour Cribs
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